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Degrassi: The Real DCS [entries|friends|calendar]
The Real Degrassi: A Degrassi Cast RP

Bay/Miriam McDonald
Regina/Cassie Steele
Leesa/Stacey Farber

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[ Thursday on the 29th ♥]

So we don't have s**t load of post in the community about new characters,check back here ever day//week to see if we have any new characters.Also, there will be an OCC post, post comments there, if you are gonna be on hiatus, or away or not able to update.

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[ Tuesday on the 27th ♥]

[ mood | busy ]

Hi! Welcome to the new therealdcsrp Community on Live Journal. We are a Degrassi Cast roleplay community and we like intense story lines, of course. Fill out the application and post it as a comment on this entry. The application can be found under the cut. Before applying, please read the rules. We'll know if you've read them or not.

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Good luck!

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